How to find great IT books?

In my opinion if you’re trying to be the best possible software developer you can ever be reading books is the best way to achieve this (other than writing code :)). In no other way you will be able to learn from one of the best, incredibly clever and most respected developers on this planet. Some of you may be lucky enough to work with them but most of us are not.

But how can you find good book on software development? (Look at my last post? – Top mentioned books on ;)) How do you know it’s good? Especially if you are just starting? If your answer is „I ask other’s for opinion” you are like me.

If you have friends that are experienced (and good :)) developers you can ask them. But if you’re not so lucky what do you do? This is not the only option but this is what I did many years ago.

Go to Amazon and find one of the books you read. Under the book’s description you’ll find section „Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”.


Wow! Now you’re presented with books to read for the next few years probably! Click on them and read the reviews. Since Amazon has lots of customers they also have lots of reviews (that’s why I chose Amazon). If you see book rated 4-5 stars with hundreds of reviews chances are this book is good! For sure it’s worth investing some money to check it out. I say investing because reading books was and will be my best investment ever.

Oh, and if you have an account there from time to time they will send you these e-mails. In this case I’ve read all those books except one. I didn’t know Uncle Bob was writing new book! Added to Wishlist!



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