NUnit.Snippets NuGet package updated

Hi there.

It’s been almost three years since I first released NUnit.Snippets NuGet Package. Never expected it but it was downloaded more than 1600 times! Thanks and I hope it made you write your asserts faster than ever!

But since it was 2011 the package was compatible with VS2010. For the next 3 years I didn’t really need it for any other versions since I didn’t have access to newer VS versions at my work. But recently I changed my employer and FINALLY I have access to all the newest stuff in .NET (Yay!). So I figured I need to update this package.

So there it is, ladies and gentleman. NUnit.Snippets is compatible with VS 2012 and VS 2013 (I don’t have VS 2010 installed but I’m almost sure it works with it too).

This time I also wanted you to know that if you find any typos in snippets or have any problems during the install process the package source is hosted here so you can create issue or just send me a pull request.

And last thing. In case any of you has any graphics skills and could create an awesome icon for this awesome 😉 package that would be great. I will give you credits on page. So if you’re ready for some fame… 😉



Today I published my first NuGet package!

Some time ago I created NUnit snippets for myself. Then I thought that it may be worth publishing them so other NUnit users can save some time when writing asserts. And today as a big fan of NUnit I published NUnit.Snippets Nuget package! – NUnit.Snippets on

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